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institute^ bret: next on "special report" president obama visits china, hoping to nudge them toward more openness, while abandoning hopes on a global warming treaty, and the state of illinois bids to provide a home for guantanomo bee tainees and we have more news on the fort hood shooter and a radical muslim cleric, and the brewing confrontation between the senate and white house over medicare cuts in healthcare reform. all that, plus brit hume's analysis and the fox all-stars, right here, right now. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. it is tuesday morning in china where president obama will pr participate in a second day of talks with president tao. chine that is the most populace nation in the world and america's largest creditor , leading president obama to tread carefully to his first trip to the region while in office. major garrett is traveling with the president. >> president obama arrived in beijing to the red carpet trappings of a state visit. his first stop had the look of a campaign town hall, emphasis on look. the president prevailed upon the chinese to a
: pressure building on president obama to explain exactly why he is allowing an al qaeda terrorist captured overseas to tried in new york city. we'll have the latest. >> yeah. she a joke. the idea that this potential talk show host is considered seriously for the republican nomination, believe me, it will never happen. bill: bernie goldberg takes a look at new attacks on sarah palin who will appear on the factor this week. >> this is where the best of america is. bill: caution, you where to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. lou dobbs and cnn. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know the last of the original cnn anchors lou dobbs have left the network after 27 years. we will talk to mr. dobbs in a moment and find out exactly why that happened. no question illegal immigration played a part. the "new york times" among others is thrilled about dobbs exiting. editorializin
report in tonight's "on the job hunt" segment. >> with president obama overseas, his white house has come under attack here at home, after publishing data from recipients of stimulus package money who turn out to have exaggerated, inflated or just plain lied about the number of jobs they have create or saved with that money. >> when you put up information that turns out to be inaccurate, you shouldn't be surprised if the public says hey, do they know what they're doing. >> david obey called the faults posted on and said the obama administration owes the country honest numbers. a republican on the same committee went even further. >> i think they ought to fire people responsible for reporting on the impact of the stimulus program, and they ought to have a peer review third-party independent accounting firm do all the reporting for them. >> the associated press and newspapers in 8 states, massachusetts, wisconsin, colorado, georgia, texas, pennsylvania, illinois and michigan, have all identified multiple cases where recipients of stimulus money made false claims to have created
kindle and i don't get good cover. but a well respected author in town, evan thomas, he says, "obama knows the long odds against a right wing populist winning the presidency. no matter how good she looks in a skirt or running clothes, brandsishing a gun." can you imagine if this was -- if this was any other woman politician, not just a conservative or a liberal, if this was any other woman politics, one, they probably wouldn't have looked that good in "runner's world" magazine and wouldn't have posed for it anyway. but there would have been outrage. but instead, there's silence. greta: well, you can disagree with her policy, challenge her on policy. probably should ask about the policy. but the thing that always rubs me the wrong way, and it happens with secretary of state hillary clinton or governor palin, two women who i might agree with on some things and not others, is they get treated differently. i don't think the guys notice it, though. >> if you don't notice it, it's even worse. but if you step back, what do we learn as women running for higher office in america? it's that yo
. on the newshouthis monday, the lead story: psident obama in china, where he talkedo students aboutreedom and censohip. >> the more iormation flowsthe stronger the society becomes. >> lehrer: after the otr news of the day, we'll have big cture look at u.s.-china retions, and a sampling of how people in beijing view the american psident. then, gwen ill updates the general tors bankruptcy, as it anunces plans to begin paying off its bailout bt to the deral government. elizabethrackett reports on the debate about oil mined cada and refined in the u.s. and jeffrey brown tal to authorobert edsel about his ew book on art that was loot by the nazis in rld war ii. major funding for the wshour with jim lehrer is pvided by: >> what theorld needs now is nergy. the energy tget the economy mming again. the energy to tackle cllenges like clate change. what if that energy me from an energyompany? every day chevron invests $62 millioin people, in ideas-- seing, teaching, building. fuelg growth around e world to moves all ahead. thiis the power of human eney. hevron. d by toyota. and monsanto. d by grant thornton. >>
morning. president obama is winding down his ten-day trip to asia with an historic visit to china. mr. obama has met with chinese president hu for talk. >> two leaders were in agreement on key issues, and our correspondent joins us from beijing. >> reporter: good morning, this is arguably the most important stop on the president's visit so he is spending quite a bit of time on the ground here in china. he said relations between the u.s. and china have never been more important, so he's working hard to strengthen that relationship. president obama played tourist today, taking in some of beijing's signature sights at e forbidden city. his r&r comes hours after closed door talks with communist leaders, including more than five hours with president hu. >> a strong u.s./china partnership and dialogue is important not only for the well-being and prosperity of our two nations but also of the world. >> reporter: much of their discussions have centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor with $800 billion in u.s. treasury bonds. >> so far, china's partnership has proved critica
that the family fun atmosphere will not change due to a casino that could be built there. >> president obama is focusing on economic and security issues with the meeting with the chinese president in beijing this morning. >> from his are rival to his ceremony inside, it was a welcome for president obama. every detail was preset fee for a series of meetings between some of the most influential leaders. >> the american people are interested in stronger relations with the people of china. >> obama pledged tighter budget and in the u.s.. >> a strategy where america saves more and spend less, reduces long-term debt and where china makes the adjustment across a broad range of policies. >> encouraging china to take a tougher line on iran and north korea. on climate change, he was trying to get them agreed to clean energy initiatives. >> barack obama is not going to get much out of china. they want to know what is in it for me. barack obama is not offering very much. >> what a magnificent place to visit. >> he toured the city, the heart of china's government. a-and the president honor. he is not com
. >> the u.s. government is so heavily in debt to china, some have seen president obama's trip to china as going to see his banker. they spent two hours together to agree to cooperate on the climate change, economic problems, and nuclear proliferation. no breakthroughs. >> side-by-side, america's president and china's. a superpower and its rising rival. ♪ they are increasingly block instead, their economies in twined. they said the challenges can only be tackled if they work together. these two nations, the world's biggest emitter of greenhouse gases agreed to push for climate change in copenhagen next month. >> much still separates them, too. president obama is easy with a free press, but china is not. no questions were allowed. >> our aim in the copenhagen is not a political declaration but rather an accord that covers all of the issues in the negotiations and has immediate of fax. >> he then raised the sensitive subject of >>tibet. the chinese president hinted at chinese irritation that america is trying to protect its markets. >> i stressed to president obama that our two countrie
> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> president obama and chinese president pledge to tackle global challenges together, but w muress didh really make? wel analyze thecritical and complex retionship between these two nations. >>> in the czech republic, a day to emember. the start of th velvet revotion 20 years ago. that country. was toppled in >>> and isra's high tech revoluon. the first of thre "signature" storiecouny this week. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analts, here's what's hapning from around the rld. this is orldfocus." majosupport has en pvided by rosalinp. walter and the peter g. petersofoundation, dedited to promoting fiscal respsibility and addressing key economic challengefacing america's re. antional fovided by the folling supporters -- >>> llo and good evening. i'm daljit dhawal. yo sense of why today's meeting betwn present obama and chinese president hu jintao was important, the two countries together accoun for almo one-quarter ofhe world's population. china, ocourse, is far lger aosfour times as many people. and as it sees its economic power grow, so
obama's socialist program and health care in the lower 48, and i can't do that physically without leaving alaska to go to the lower 48, and, therefore, i'm not doing justice to my people by drawing a salary as governor, and i'm not doing justice to the american people by not going to the lower 48 to fight these fights. but she missed that chance. she said something that i still can't understand. >> so what would you say at this point, dealing with the reality? >> i would tray to use that explanation to catch up. but the media tried to portray her as a flake, and by quitting she's acting like a flake. she's the only governor to roe sign without going to jail. -- to resign without going to jail. sean: why do you think she's hated as much as she is? why did she become such a target? >> because the democratic party extensionly relies on the women vote and they'd like to think that there is no such thing as a republican woman, but there is, and there's no sup thing as a big national republican woman and sarah palin is that. sean: her base loves her. i've been out on the road with her.
. on the newshour this tuesday, the lead story-- president obama and chinese president hu talk climate change, nuclear disarmament, and trade. kwame holman has our coverage. after the other news of the day, we'll have some perspective on the rights of chinese citizens. then, gwen ifill runs a debate about the new guidelines for breast cancer screenings. >> the average risk patient is trying to decide, all of a sudden, "what are we going to do? what is my doctor going to do? what is my insurance company going to do?" >> lehrer: and john merrow updates the challenges facing the washington, d.c., schools; and jeffrey brown looks at the rise of hunger in america. major funding for the newshour with jim lehrer is provided by: >> what has made grant thornton a truly global accounting organization, with access to resources in more than 100 countries? is it their global capabilities, or is it their passion for how they serve their clients? grant thornton >> 150 years of financial strength and the experience of an established investment firm have come together. wachovia securities is now wells fargo a
. president obama and hu jintao agreed together are several world problems. they appear to be in harmony on everything from climate change to economic recovery. oth issues covere by the two include climate change and human rights. >>two leaders, one superpower, and the other superpower in the making. when these twocountries come together the world listens. and they are the most energy- ngry countries in the oil into that a climate change d is still possible. >> we agreed to expand our cooperation on climate change, energy, and the environment, and decided to act on the basis of common bit different responsibilities and consistent with our different capabilities to work with other parties concerned toelp produce positive outcomes from the copenhagen conference. >> china has become america's banker. they spent billions of dollars in u.s. govement bonds. thanks for the help, said president obama. >> the u.s. welcomes china's efforts in playing a greater role on the world's stage, a role in which a growing economy is joined by growing responsibilities. so far china's partnership has proved c
. in an interview she did with abc, she says president obama was incorrect and disingenuous on the whole death panel thing. she says, "he is not lying in that those two words, death panels, will not be found in any of the thousands of pages of different variations." gretchen: the other interesting thing, and we talked about this earlier when the first "oprah" clips came out, that she did not slam levi johnston at all in this interview for the most part. that was a change. because in the last couple of months there have been a lot of barbs thrown against levi johnston, the father of her daughter's baby. and in this interview she actually did sort of a joke about his decision to pose for "playgirm" and -- "playgirl" and she invited him over for thanksgiving dinner. think it was smart on her part to not continue the barb throwing. when asked the $24 million question about whether or not she will run for president in 2012 said that "right now it is not on my radar screen." brian: that thing is going to be a bestseller. she'll be on "hanity" tomorrow night. she will sit down with o'reilly after that. and
after all. the details straight ahead. >> head of state intourist. president obama in beijing today. that story coming up. >> a sarah palin is promoting her new book. we want to know what you think if she is using this book as a prelude to a presidential run. that is our watercooler question of the day. >> 11 news starts right now. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it will get a little cooler the next couple of days, but it is not bad weather. we will chop down into the 50's today. let's take a look at the current conditions under partly cloudy skies. 50 degrees at the maryland science center the average height is 56. a couple degrees above normal. a bit of a change from yesterday however. us see what is happening in the traffic department. >> we have one problem coming in. a southbound on the j.f.x.. the accident is creating a bit of a delay on the beltway. we have to rhineland's closed. you may want to take an alternate road. it i
>>> presidential push. mr. obama holds intense talks with chinese president hu engine take you. >>> cancer controversy. new guidelines spark debate over the cost and ben gits of mammograms. >> early detect saved my life. >>> and tragic end. the body of a missing 5-year-old north carolina girl is found along a road sigh. her mother charged with selling her for sex. this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, this is the "cbs morning news" for tuesday, november 17th, 2009. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. we begin this morning with president obama's visit to china. he met with hu jintao for 2 1/2 hours. crucial issues including the economy, human rights and taiwan were on the table. in the he said, there was some agreement and acknowledgement that differences and tension remain. whit johnson is in washington with details. whit, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yes, had there are deep points of disagreement between the united states and china. both presidents attempted to address critical issues while
>>> tonight on "worldfocus" -- >>> during a visit to china, president obama meets with students and speaks out about what he calls universal rights. the chinese limited access to his speech. >>> we'll take you to israel, to africa and east timor, to show you how rapidly chinese influence is expanding around the world. >>> our "signature" story is from denmark where the winds of change brought more wd power and made plenty of danes rich. >>> in australia, now elderly people shed tears for the childhood they never had. we'll tell you why. >>> from the world's leading reporters and analysts, here's what's happening from around the world. this is "worldfocus." major support has been provided by rosalind p. walter and the peter g. peterson foundation, dedicated to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters -- >>> hello and good ening. i'm daljit dhaliwal. >>> president obama spoke openly and bluntly today about the benefits of individual freedoms in a country known for
to afghanistan. >>> president obama and the chinese president discussed a wide range of issues during their two-hour meeting from nuclear proliferation to human rights. witt johnson reports. >> in a face-to-face meeting with his chinese counterpart president obama brought up the controversial topic with human rights he said that americans believe that all men and women possess certain basic rights. >> they are universal right and they should be available to all peoples, to all ethnic and religious minoritities. >> as president obama spoke the chinese president looked on, stone faced. the two discussed trade, climate change and nuclear programs in iran and north korea but the american delegation can't push china too hard. the country holds more than $800 billion in u.s. debt. >> china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in generations. >> reporter: president obama and his team have been welcomed warmly in china, but here at home, a new cbs poll shows his popularity is slipping. his approval rating is at 53%. a 3 point drop the last month.
in the 17-year legal battle but a similar case is pending. >>> president obama takes a scenic break from high-level talks but as he tours the forbidden city with china's top leader, major differences. the story is coming up. >>> plus, an important inspection takes place before the shuttle links up with the international space station. it is coming up on 8 after the hour. you are watching 9 news now. rth carolina mother could face more chars in the death of her 5-year-old daughter. searchers found shania davis ' body 30-miles from her hometown in fayetteville. police accused the mother of offering her for sex. a man has been charged with kidnapping the little girl last week. >>> president obama toured beijing's forbidden city and he met with the chinese president for morethan two hours behind close doors. afterwards both leaders emphasized cooperation on the economy and climate change but differences remain on issues like human rights and trade. >>> this morning, the space shuttle "atlantis" is orbiting earth after blasting off from the kennedy space center yesterday afternoon. today the
. >> up next on c-span, we go to president barack obama and presidents hu jintao at a press conference in china. "washington journal" begins each morning at 7:00. this morning, a house panel to investigate the federal government's role in the bank of america/merrill lynch murder of 2008. live coverage from the house oversight committee begins at 10:00 on cspan 3. later in the day, a look at the u.s. response to the h1n1 flu virus. the senate, and security department -- the senate homeland security department will look at the government role. president barack obama continues his asia trip. he met with met withhu jintao and the two leaders spoke about relations between the two countries. topics included all the major issues of the day. this is from china's state-run television. >> i would like to extend a warm welcome to proceed on his state visit. welcome to china. i had a very good talk with president barack obama. the two sides hadn't in-depth exchange of views on how to further financial relationship and our major regional and international issues of shared interests. the two sides r
of this home. >> what a magnificent place to visit. >>> president obama, a sight seer. he takes time to see the sights. you are watching "news4 midday." >>> welcome to "news4 midday." i am barbara harrison. >> and i am joe krebs. police have arrested a man in the murder of a 9-year-old boy. he stood at the door inside his columbia heights apartment on saturday night. tracee wilkins is live with this story. >> reporter: the mayor and the chief of police and the council member that represents this ward all had a press cference here. they had a candlelight vigil here, and the family who were in the community, the mayor says the chief of police was missing from the vigil because the police was working in the ward to get the guy. this brings up issues like security for buildings like this one. 26-year-old jose twinta was arreed. he is face k charges for first-degree murder. he would not call him a member, but called him an associate. they say he was responsible for a number of robberies in the neighborhood. the chief of police had this to y at this press conference. >> every hour they had been a
. a critical day for president obama in china. >>> high and dry. here in arizona, the all-out effort to preserve something very precious and scarce. >>> attention shoppers, are you being duped? a new warning about deception on the web that can cost you. >>> and tonight's "making a difference" report. a game is teaching young men to tackle tough times on and off the field. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening tonight from phoenix. a generation of american women has grown up believing that turning 40 means getting your first mammogram. suddenly yesterday we all learned that recommendation jumps ahead ten years to the age of 50. and a change that big, that sudden, isn't being taken lightly. women are surprised, they're angry, their skeptical. some are scared they're going to miss something. it's serious business having to do with the number two cancer killer of women in this country. and because no two women are alike, because no two stories are alike, and because so many of us have lost someone in our lives to breast cancer, this has
news," sarah palin rates president obama on a scale of 1 to 10. part of her interview with barbara walters. >>> the president in beijing with a trillion dollar dilemma. america's sea of red actually re rips the chinese? robert krulwich will take "closer look." >>> and hide and seek at the bottom of the sea. discovering top secret submarines last seen in world war ii. the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. transform drinks you want, into cold medicine you need. introducing fast crystal packs. a new way from alka-seltzer plus to... get cold and flu relief in a taste-free, fizz-free powder. alka-seltzer plus. >>> sarah palin's new book went on sale today, soaring right to the top of several best seller lists. the memoirs of the former alaska governor are being scrutinized for new clue to the one question so many are asking. will she or won't she? barbara walters sat down with the former vice presidential candidate to
thinks so and what they're doing about it... and obama in china... the economic issues the president will discuss with america's biggest creditor... first look lawmakers in the house financial services committee continue to drilwn on the financial overhaul package on tuesday... could see some movement on that this week.... also the senate banking committee wi talk re about protecting consumers from overdraft fees.. and cracking down on abusive practices.. us postal service loses almost 4 billion dollars in 2009 - despite cutting 40-thousand jobs. a even though jobs are hard to come by these days... railers are still hiring for the holidays - we get the story from angie miles.. good morning everybody... hodaysight now. and whether you are looking for part timwork for extra christmas cash-- or, you've been out of work for a while and want to take advantage of stores adding on seasonal staff, we have tiderhe insview of what you can expect. broll john challenger sot john challenger/challenger, gray & christmas, inc. broll help wanted sign sot henry mata/target broll targe
about president obama's meeting with china's president. >>> welcome back. we've got some breaking news. you are looking at a live picture of a car into a creek on piney meetg house ro in rockville. if you look closely, you can see the wheels over there and you can see the emergency personnel. we're told that rescuers have pulled either one person or some people out of that vehicle. we don't know the severity of the injuries or what time this happened. but we can you e is a car in a creek there along piney meeting house road. we'll be back with that. >>> also in the news right now, a judge orders a suspect held without bond on charges of killing a 9-year-old boy. he is d se pena, the suspect arrested earlier today in hyat tkhrásville. police say he shot a bullet through an apartment door. the bullet killed a man inside his home. police believe na trying to rob the family. >>> faiountrfax cpolice say they've not yet interviewed the officer involve inside a deadly shooting now under investigation. last friday that officer killed 52-year-old david masters during a affic stop on route 1
red flags were missed in the fort lauderdale shooting massacre. >>> the obama administration proposes to make standards tougher. >>> and tackling some important issues. >>> smart suspect plead. the deal wanda barzee struck. and what it means to her alleged accomplice, her husband. eyewitness news at 4:00 continues with hey there, this is your lamp. why don't you show the lady how romantic you can be by turning me off? you'll set the mood while using a lot less energy. maybe later you can hook me up with a cfl. it will show how much you care for the environment. [announcer] learn to speak the language of energy efficiency at, where you'll find plenty of energy-saving tips. ahhhhh. the passion. >>> it is 4:28, 55 degrees and mainly sunny. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. i'm vic carter. >> and i'm denise koch. we have breaking news to start with from carroll county, where there has been an accident. we're going to go live to captain mike perry from sky eye chopper 13. >> we are in manchester, carroll county. this is manchester road. it is just about a mile or
on westlake drve. >>> president obama is winding down his trip to asia. he has met with chinese president hu for wide ranging talks. yunji de nies has the latest from beijing. >> president obama played torras today, taking in some of the signatures sites. they spent hours of closed door talks with communist leaders, including five hours with president hu. >> a strong dialogue is important for the well-being of our nations but also of the world. >> much of the discussion has centered on the economy. china is america's biggest creditor. >> china's partnership has proved critical in our effort to pull ourselves out of the worst recession in a generation. >> it is not just finance. the continued to work together on climate change and the north korean nuclear issue. they have significant disagreements, most notably on civil rights. the president urged them to continue talks and that only minorities preserve financial freedom. >> we think they are universal rights and they should be available to all peoples, to all ethnic and religious minorities. >> mr. obama but is the first american president t
obama. on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best, what do you rate barack obama? >> walters, palin. stay ned. >>> mammogram mayhem. the new guidelines on breast cancer screening have thrown women into a muddle. we ask leang doctors to clear up the confusion about what you should do for health and life. >>> and janet jackson breaks her silence. what she thinks about the doctor at the center of the michael jackson investigation, as she copes with her brother's death. it's a "gma" exclusive. >>> and good morning to all of you. diane sawyer with robin roberts. happy to be here this morning, when barbara walters is going to ask new questions of sarah palin. >>> and we have a brand-new, hot-off-the-presses abc news/"washington post" poll. >> let's show that poll. despite health care reform, people are evenly split on health care. 48% in favor of the plan. 49% opposed. and when it comes to the economy, the public trusts president obama over republicans in congress to handle it, 52% to 37%. >> of course, when it comes to republicans, the undisputed center of the sage this week is sarah pal
detainees. you know president obama wants to close down the prison in cuba and move detainees to the u.s. for prosecution. today federal officials inspected the tomson correctional center in illinois to see if it might fit the bill. tomson is a maximum security facility located 150 miles west of chicago in carroll county. the prison has about 1600 cells. most stand empty because of budget problems. and the feds are considering buying it to house at least some of the gitmo detainees. illinois senator dick durbin says that would really help his state. >> we have an opportunity to bring thousands of good-paying jobs to illinois when we need them the most. we have an opportunity to bring them to a part of our state that has been struggling. and that's an opportunity we're not going to miss. jon: but critics say the economic impact is exaggerated and the overall gain isn't worth the risk of holding terror suspects on american soil. >> as you raise the profile of your community in this jihadi world, the benefit that they see in attacking your city increases. with the busiest airport in the w
with agency inspectors. earlier today, president obama said there would be consequences if iran does not demonstrate that its nuclear program is peaceful. tracmartha: new developments toy on the attack on fort hood. the army and department of defense will launch their own investigation. according to reports, the army will look at mix warnings well the pentagon is going to focus their investigation of how military services people watch on potential problem people that may be simmering in their ranks. how did they find these people and get them out before there is the kind of trouble we saw at fort hood? a pentagon spokesman tells us that the final decision on how to investigate this has not yet been made. army maj nidal hasan is accused of gunning down 13 of his fellow soldiers at fort hood. he has been charged with premeditated murder in all of their deaths. meanwhile, the congressman, whose district includes the fort hood area, is going to introduce legislation today that will give fort hood occupancy same legal status as troops in combat. trace: fox news on the job hunt, and there
they missed? jon: president obama credited china with helping to pull the u.s. out of recession. he and the chinese president pledged cooperation despite divisive issues like human rights. jane: who should get a mammogram and at what age? one of the big question is going forward, will your insurance continue to pay for mammograms? bill: there has been -- jon: there has been an earthquake in british columbia. >> of what they are telling me is that this is off the coast of british columbia, not far from the island chain of prince rupert. the good news is that it is not near a huge populated area. but it is still an estimated 6.6, as confirmed by the usgs, a pretty big earthquake. as i was told by the scientists moments ago, the population is pretty low in that area. they're holding out hope that this will have very little effect on the people. right now there are no official tsunami warnings. back to you guys. bill: -- jon: thank you. jane: the administration is putting 9/11 terror suspects on trial in civilian court. this is sparking the divisions in multiples circles. just blocks fr
is less riable in women under 50, which leads to a higher number of false positives. >>> president obama continues his trip to china today. focusing on the economy and security issues in his meeting with chinese leaders. brooke hart has the latest. >> good morning. a lot of talk of cooperation this morning in china. and president obama pledged that spending habits in washington will change. from his arrival in beijing's great hall of the people, to the ceremony inside, it was a stage managed welcome for president obama. every detail preset before a series of meetings between the two arguably most influential world leaders. >> the american people are interested in stronger relations with the people of china. >> reporter: looking to reassure america's biggest creditor, president obama pledged tighter budgeting in the u.s. >> a strategy where america saves more, spends less, reduces ng-term debt, and where china makes adjustments across a broad range of policies. >> reporter: the president provided china to take a tougher line toward iran and north korea a tough sell to pyongyang's neighbor
barack obama'srip to asia. hend t presintf taphor their fst full-scale summit today. esiden obama and ina's esident jintao talked on a wide ran of issues. whhouse officials say there dlehrtrom north reement on trade korea. president obama mentioned tibet and the dalailama. while theas n major breakthrough there, the cnese president did knowledge t term human rights. ite house officials say t is a sst stepments came othe >> as psidehu dited, we are creating a joi research energy center andne ficicy, cer u ,leca vehiclesnd shals. >> reporter: there was a state dinner in the prident's honor toni in the golden room the great hall of th people. the menu include chicken soup wieancurd and chine-style be usroded by a milita band frheeopls liberation army. to say i lov you," written by stevie wonder. tomorrow the presint wil go to south korea and is scheded to bth >>> tw weeks after the mass shooting in ft. hood, texas, the u. army ise reporng in suicides amohe arm forces. eve hands seman has our report. >> reporr: it could b far forces kild iombat inn afghanistan layear,014 active duty u.s.cide
>>> this morning on "early today," agreeing to disagree. president obama and his chinese counter par plge closer ties, but remain divided on trade and human rights. >>> deer in the headlights, authorities in delaware rescue one very lucky deer from a car's front bumper. >>> and up, up, and away. space shuttle atlantis blasts off on one of its final delivery missions for the international space statio captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello, and good morning, everyone, i'm dan kloeffler. and today we begin with big countes, big challenges in a changing complicated relationship, the united states and china are now working to bolster partnership in key areas while acknowledging there are some fundamental disagreements. president obama is in beijing this morning where several hours of intense private talks with his chinese counterpart ended with bold statements on some critical issues. nbc's chuck todd is traveling with the president joining us live from the chinese capital this moning. chuck, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. it was easily the pres
u.s. and in something of a surprise, president obama made a direct challenge on behalf of the dalai lama, whose struggles against repression by beijing. >> while we recognize tibet is part of the people's republic of china, the united states supports the early resumption of dialogue bween the chinese government and representatives of the dalai lama. >> reporter: in a candor that has not always mark ed relation, both presidents admitted they will sometimes disagree. ann compton, abc news with the president in beijing. >>> the army plans to launch its own investigation into whether red flags about major nidal hasan were ignored before the ft. hood shootings. the "wall street journal" reports the probe will look at the six years hasan spent at walter reed medil center. investigators say in the days before the shooting hasan practiced shooting more than 200 rounds at a firing range near ft. hood. >> he seemed like he was new at it. what some of the basic concepts down but hadn't been doing it for a very long time. >> this is the final hurrah for him. he knows he's going to die or he hop
to be bankrupt in 30 years. if we make it 30 years. obama has proposed at least $10 trillion in welfare spending now, and yet now he's in china as he's showing how strong we to china, and he's acting like somehow or another he's being fiscally responsible. he keeps using the term "deficit neutral. " love this one. >> congress needs to know that when i say this has to be deficit neutral, i mean it. >> i will not sign a healthcare bill that is not deficit neutral. >> this can't add to our deficit. it's got to be deficit neutral glenn: this one is going to make sense. but this one, they have a problem with. this is like, i don't know how many millions of words. this one in the second amendment has ten words and people can't figure that one out. but this one is definitely going to be deficit neutral. how exactly do you do that? deficit neutral. oh, i remember. they're going to pay with this for this with savings. well, this sounds like i got a bridge for you over in brooklyn i want to -- you know what i'm saying? but i want to be fair to the president so this morning at 7 owe chock i got our researc
of killing 13 people. >>> obama and the chinese president have agreed on chinese-american cooperation. obama will move to south korea on thursday. a new task force has been created to find out how the country has ended up in the financial crisis. this comes as the special inspector general's is the government mismanaged a rescue attempt of the insurance giant aig. it may have overpaid other banks to cut ties with aig. >>> a proposal right now would cost drivers up to $6 to travel one way on the new intercounty connector. the counting once the state to consider a lower toll for some drivers. live from gaithersburg. >> like many people we have talked to who have expressed concern over the $6 price tag, the county has their concerns that that might be too high. the county council made a host of recommendations that would like to consider before any final decisions are made. construction is underway on the 18.8 mile intercounty connector. to use it, the state proposed charging up to 35 cents per mile. that is more than $6 to drive the entire length one way. >> i think it is too high. i do not th
went to the shooting range. jeremy and vinita? >>> president obama's popularity has real staying power. according to an abc news poll released this morning. 56% of americans approved of mr. obama's job performance. 42% disapproved. half said they trusted the president on health care reform. 37% trusted the republicans. the president got better marks on the economy. 52% say they backed president obama versus 37% who thought the gop was doing a better job. >>> but the president's mind is on international affairs during his state visit to china today. after meeting with the chinese president in beijing this morning the president says both countries are looking for a comprehensive deal on climate change. the president also says china has helped the u.s. pull out of the worst recession in a generation. >>> the white house has set a date for its promised job summit. on thursday, december 3rd, economists, business owners and executives will be invited to the forum to share their ideas on how toate the next day president obama kicks off a sof vo communities hard hit by unemployment. to look fo
on terror. dr. keith ablow has comments on this. he is up in a few minutes. alisyn: president obama is in beijing. latest hilt of his asian trip is meeting with chinese president hu jintao. the two sides reached an important agreement and president obama saying the relationship between the countries has never been more important. fox news mike emanuel is reporting live from the white house this morning. mike, let's talk about that u.s.-china relationship. how did the president frame it today? >> well, alisyn, very interesting. the president essentially said that the united states welcomes china playing a greater role on the international stage in terms the global economy. with that comes greater responsibilities. here is how essentially the president broke down the relationship between the u.s. and china. >> we meet here at a time when the relationship between the united states and china has never been more important to our collective future. >> never more important. so president hu said that the u.s. and china would work more closely on macroeconomic issues. financial policies and
. a new cbs poll show as drop in president obama's approval rating especially on afghanistan. we'll show you the results and get reaction from china where the presidented is holding meetings. >>> cancer controversy. the government now says women don't need a mammogram until age 50, but the american cancer society disagrees. >> early detect saved my life. what more is there to say about that. >> we'll breakdown the new guidelines. >>> sarah palin hypes her new book on oprah and slams the mccain campaign. >> i can did not wantt message september out that we were giddy happen to become grandparents. >> while the father of her grandchild, levi johnston, fires back. >> i think she's going out and er hole for herself.t bigging a >>e'll have more of his exclusive reaction. >>> and the much anticipated twilight sequel premieres. >> i really want to be bella because ishe doesn't give me a hug or anything, it's -- my heart will crack. >> we'll take you there early this tuesday morning, november 17th, 2009. this tuesday morning, november 17th, 2009. % captioning funded by cbs >>> new day is dawning
. >>> president obama continues his visit to china. he is getting ready to attend a state dinner. he met with the president of china and discussed the economy and climate change. the president's express thankfulness to china for their help with the investment of our economy. >>> people who died from the fort hood shootings will be buried at arlington cemetery. one lieutenant colonel will be maburied on monday. >>> army will determine if they missed signs. the chief of staff is forming an investigative panel. the army will focus on major nidal hasan's 6 years at walter reed medical center. he worked there before being transferred to fort hood in july. >>> they will focus on transit safety nationwide. the national transportation safety board will bring in safety oversight groups from around the country to highlight their safety methods. it will hold hearings in february and there will be a final hearing on the cause of the crash. >>> a new government task force is going against decades of the advice on mammograms. the task force says most women in their 40's do not need mammograms. they sh
@tafvhciggkph obama estudia la postafvhclhskp cuba, a illiinois. una prisiÓn construida hace ocho aÑos y casi vacÍa. funcionarios del departamento de defensa fueron a examinar la presiÓn para unas 150 millas de chicago. podrÍan transferir ahÍ a unos 100 detenidos. algunos creen que podrÍa salvar econÓmicamente al pueblo. >> es una gran oportunidad para nuestro estado. es una de las mejores prisiones de mÁxima seguridad. >> podemos traer mÁs de 2000 buenos trabajos con beneficios a la regiÓn. hay desesperada necesidad de empleos, pero esto es un riesgo de ser el congresista que representa. >>traer a los terroristas nos harÁ más mal que bien a largo plazo. este experto no cree que no represa una amenaza. >> es una prisiÓn de alta seguridad. no representa ningÚn riesgo. el esfuerzo que tomarÍa a alguna fuerza extranjera liberarlos probablemente no resultarÍa efectivo. >> tambiÉn controvertidas la decisiÓn de enviar a juicio civil. >> ella estÁ de acuerdo en que es apropiado en que. serÁn jugados en nueva york. ul horah@univisionultima horaahc ta >> dar normas no es para prevenir el
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